About Me

My name is David and I am the Founder of Pure Energy Electrical Ltd.

Originally from New Zealand, my path has been marked by unwavering dedication, adaptability, and service ethos. I served in the New Zealand Army, which instilled in me foundational values of leadership and discipline that today reflect in every electrical project I embrace. Our logo’s Silver Fern emblem not only signifies my Kiwi origins but also embodies an inherent environmental consciousness, resonating with New Zealand’s profound bond with nature.

From serving the community to lighting up homes, my journey has been anything but conventional. With 20 years of dedicated service as a police officer in London, I’ve faced unyielding pressure and challenges head-on. However, as I have always had a passion for technology, combined with a long-standing inclination towards engineering, eventually prompted me to heed a different call.

Today, as a qualified electrician, I find satisfaction in every wire I connect and every problem I solve. Every finished project isn’t just a task completed but a testament to my commitment to excellence, honed from years of discipline and service. My ethos revolves around clear communication, ensuring my clients are always in the loop and satisfied with the final outcome.

But beyond just fixing and installing, I’m driven by a purpose. As someone deeply concerned about our planet, I’ve channeled my passion into providing green, low-carbon, and efficient electrical solutions. Specializing in LED lighting and smart home technology isn’t just a business choice; it’s my way of ensuring that we tread a bit lighter on our Earth.

And while my uniform may have changed, my dedication to safety remains steadfast. With insights from my policing days, I offer an unparalleled perspective on security, ensuring that your home isn’t just well-lit, but well-protected too.

Join me in this journey towards a brighter, safer, and greener tomorrow.

Our Company Values

At Pure Energy Electrical Ltd, we stand firmly on a foundation built from core values that drive every project we undertake. Our commitment to professionalism is unwavering, ensuring that every service we provide maintains the highest standards of workmanship. An integral part of our ethos is to champion sustainable and energy-efficient electrical solutions, reflecting our dedication to eco-friendliness and our responsibility towards our planet. Originating from the environmentally conscious ethos of New Zealand, our business not only wears the silver fern emblem with pride but also exemplifies the nation’s commitment to a greener future.

Communication is at the heart of our operations. We believe in clear and open dialogue with all our clients, ensuring transparency in every facet, especially when it comes to pricing. Each client is treated with utmost respect, and we understand the value of trust in building long-term relationships. Our promise goes beyond delivering top-tier electrical services. We guarantee that at the end of every project, our job sites are left immaculate, bearing testament to our meticulous nature and respect for our client’s space. At Pure Energy Electrical Ltd, we’re not just powering homes and businesses; we’re powering a sustainable, transparent, and professional future.

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