Brilliant LED Solutions for Home & Business

Transform your space with our energy-efficient LED lighting. From cozy homes to bustling commercial settings, we offer customized lighting solutions that blend style, savings, and sustainability. Brighten your world with us!

EICR - Inspection & Testing

Ensuring electrical safety and compliance is our forte. We offer detailed EICR Inspection and Testing for both commercial spaces and residential properties. Get peace of mind with our expert services, starting at just £180.

Effortless EV Charger Installation

Step into the future with our seamless Electric Vehicle Charger installation services. Whether you’re a business or a homeowner, we provide tailor-made solutions to keep your wheels rolling. Get ready to charge up effortlessly!

Our Services

LED & Extra Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Illuminate your outdoor spaces with efficient LED landscape lighting. Our extra low voltage solutions ensure safety, elegance, and a touch of brilliance to your gardens and pathways.

Smart Home Technology

Step into the future with our smart home solutions. Control, customize, and optimize your living spaces with cutting-edge technology designed for convenience and efficiency.

Maintenance & Repairs

Reliability is key for businesses. Our tailored maintenance contracts ensure your electrical systems function flawlessly, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.

Indoor LED Lighting Upgrades

Brighten your interiors, whether home or business, with our premium LED installations. Experience energy efficiency and enhanced aesthetics with every switch you turn.

Security and Alarms

Fortify your premises with advanced security systems and alarms. Drawing insights from years in policing, we provide peace of mind with every installation.

Inspection and Testing

Safety first, always. Our meticulous inspection and testing services guarantee your electrical setups meet the highest standards, ensuring peace of mind and compliance.

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